Our Goals

Our main mission is to produce highly qualified graduates from both undergraduate and higher education in computer science. Meanwhile, we also focus on both providing professional ethics and encouraging patriotism.

  • Future Students

    We value the most professionalism, morality, and patriotism.

  • Academic Programs

    Our curriculum is focus on solid foundation and new technology trend that not only meets the current market need, but also allows students to further their study.

  • Teaching Methodologies

    There is no better way to understand GIC than by joining us.

  • Career Opportunities

    Our alumni work in almost every tech companies in the city.

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Incubation Projects

Project for Establishment of Incubation System Between Universities and Industries in Cambodia

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e-Learning Projects

ASEAN Cyber University (ACU)

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In today's environment, hoarding knowledge ultimately erodes your power. If you know something very important, the way to get power is by actually sharing it.

Joseph Badaracco

  • 29
    Jan 2020
    29 Jan - 29 Jan

    Seminar about Saleforce CRM, growth of the ecosystem and digital career opportunities here in Cambodia.

  • 29
    Jan 2020
    29 Jan - 29 Jan

    Training with MaxBIT

  • 23
    Jan 2020
    23 Jan - 23 Jan

    Presentation about master program at GIC and orientation session about final year internship.

  • 22
    Jan 2020
    22 Jan - 22 Jan

    Seminar with OFURO about internship opportunity to Japan

  • 15
    Jan 2020
    15 Jan - 15 Jan

    Seminar on Internship, Career and Technology used in EZECOM

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