MONTUS Workshop Phnom Penh

MONTUS 2nd Steering Committee Meeting

September 02nd 06th, 2019

Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA)



On September 02nd – 06th, 2019, the Institute of Technology of Cambodia in collaboration with the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA) organize the 2nd steering committee meeting of the MONTUS project, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 36 participants from 13 member institutions joined the meeting. Dr. Thavarit CHUNHIENG, deputy director-general of ITC, representing ITC participated in the opening session of the meeting. On behalf of ITC, Dr. Thavarit CHUNHIENG express his gratitude to the European Union for endorsing the project and for bringing the partnership and collaboration among the members of the project. Through the MONTUS project and the partnership, it will help ITC to build the infrastructure of the High-Performance Computing (HPC) platform and the human resource to setup and operate the platform. The platform and human resources will help ITC to boost our research activities that need high computing power. ITC also plans to share this platform among public universities and research institutes in Cambodia to support the research activities in the country.

During the five-day workshop, the participants work on the INSIGTHS master program and prepare the syllabus. Several research thematics are also presented by different partners with the need of the HPC platform. Through the presentation, the partners confirm the necessity and need of the HPC (with GPUs) to support their research.

Participants from ITC

1.   Mr. PHOL Norith, deputy director-general

2.   Mr. SIENG Phen, head of the Public and International Office

3.   Mr. LAY Heng, head of the department of Information and Communication Engineering

4.   Mr. YOU Vanndy, deputy-head of the department of Information and Communication Engineering

5.   Mr. KAIN Sainglong, lecturer of the department of Geo-resources and Geo-technical Engineering