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LAY Heng

Head of the Department

Name in Khmer: ឡៃ ហេង

Position: Head of the Department

Phone Number: 099 631 618

Email Address: or


LAY Heng graduated master's degree in Information System Engineering at University of La Rochelle in 2009. Since then, he started his teaching career at Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) in the field of Information and Communication Engineering. In 2014, he was promoted to be head of the department. Currently, he is working as Vice-Dean of Faculty of Electronic and Energy, in charge of Department of Information and Communication Engineering, e-Learning Center, and Incubation Space of ITC.


LAY Heng, in his academic career at ITC, he participated in different research and development activities: including Natural Language Processing (Khmer), e-learning in Higher Education in Cambodia, Innovation Challenges and Incubation Program, and Professional Development Program.